Connect Hp Deskjet Printer To Wifi

Do You Know How To Connect Hp Deskjet Printer To Wifi? Here Is The Easy Guide

We know that you are here to know How To Connect Hp Deskjet Printer To Wifi. Let us tell you that you can connect your Hp printer via a wired or with a wireless connection. This is why we are writing this article. So, you will come to know how to connect hp Deskjet 3630 to wifi.

In this guide, we will let you know how you can connect the Hp printer to wifi on windows and mac. You can smile now as we are going to fix the trouble. 

How to Connect HP Deskjet Printer to Wifi Device?

If you want to connect the Hp printer to your wifi, make sure to connect both devices with the same network. Connecting both the devices with the different networks will let you face many Hp printer Problems

  1. To connect the Hp Printer, turn it ON by pressing the power button. 
  2. Go to the touchscreen of the printer and tap on the right arrow key to open the Setup option. 
  3. From the network menu, click on the option of “wireless setup wizard” 
  4. This will help you to search for all the wireless networks that are available within the range. 
  5. From the proposed list provided there, select the wireless network ID. 
  6. You will see the tab to enter the right password. Enter the password of WPA and WEP 
  7. To confirm the settings, click on OK 
  8. This is you can easily get to know How To Connect Hp Deskjet Printer to the Internet. you can apply the same steps to all the Hp Deskjet printer models. 

Now, we will move forward to know the steps to connect Hp Deskjet Wireless Printer On Windows. 

How To Connect Hp Deskjet Printer On Windows?

It is really very easy to connect the HP Deskjet Printer On Windows. You  just have to follow the steps that have been given below: 

  1. Turn On the Hp printer, router, and your Windows computer.
  2. Follow the steps that have been given below and connect the HP printer to the wifi: 
  • From the website of the Hp printer, download the driver of Hp Deskjet printer driver. 
  • Select the model of your printer from the list provided there. 
  • Let the Hp printer driver download completely first.
  • To complete the setup, open the file and then follow all the on-screen instructions. 
  • Turn On the “control panel”. 
  • Choose “drivers and printers”. 
  • When the next window will be opened, select “Add a printer”. 
  • When you do this, you will see the list of Hp Deskjet model printers on the screen. 
  • Choose from the model of the printer and complete the setup. 
  • Now, you have successfully connected the Hp Deskjet Wireless Printer To Your Windows PC. 

How To Connect HP Deskjet Wireless Setup on MAC OS Device?

With the help of the steps given below, you can connect the Hp Deskjet Wireless Printer On MAC OS.

  1. Turn On the HP printer, Mac OS, and wifi router 
  2. check all the cables properly that are connected with printer, router, & PC.
  3. Make sure that you have connected the MAC and HP Deskjet Printer to the same wifi. 
  4. Download the driver of the printer from the official website of Hp printer 
  5. To complete the setup process, follow all the on-screen instructions provided there.
  6. after completing the setup process, open the “apple menu” and choose “system and preferences”. 
  7. This is the place where you can easily add your Hp Deskjet Printer. Select the option “Printers and Scanners”. 
  8. You just need to click on “+” so as to add the printer from the section of “printers and scanners”. 
  9. from the list provided there, select the name of your printer.
  10. This is How To Connect The Hp Deskjet Printer To Wifi 

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In A Nutshell… 

In this guide, we have told you How To Connect Hp Deskjet Printer To Wifi or Connect Hp Printer to WiFi. We hope that you have followed the steps and your problem has been fixed now. 

For expert help, dial us. We want you to tell us about your experience in the comments. 

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