How To Connect Hp Printer To Mac

How To Connect Hp Printer To Mac? Quick Guide

Connecting the Hp Printer to Mac devices could be a difficult task in case you are doing that for the first time. There are many Hp printer users who used to ask us for “How To Connect Hp Printer To Mac”. This is why we are going to tell you each and everything about it. 

While using the Hp printer or any other one, it is very normal to face one or other kind of glitches. Some of the major issues that you may face while using the Hp printer are Hp Printer Setup, why won’t my hp printer connect to my mac, Hp printer Offline, Hp Printer Not Printing In Color, Hp Printer Not Responding, etc. 

We know that you don’t have enough time to fix the issue. This is why we would like to suggest you, call us now. We are a team of experts who is willing to fix the issue for you. Call us anytime you want and let us resolve “How To Connect My Hp Printer To My Mac”. 

Simple Steps For “How To Connect Hp Printer To Mac”

  1. The very first thing that you have to do is, connect the printer with Mac via wire or wirelessly. 
  2. Check if you have connected the Mac and printer to the same network or not. 
  3. Turn your printer ON and let it compete for all the initial setup process 
  4. Soon after the initial setup will be over on your Hp Printer, open the browser. Search from the latest and compatible hp printer driver. 
  5. Download the software to your Mac. 
  6. Open the software from the downloaded location and open it. Accept all the terms and conditions and follow the instruction to connect hp printer to MacBook air
  7. To open the files on your Mac, you have to click on “continue”. 
  8. In the list of printer, you will see the number of printers. Choose the one that belongs to you. 
  9. If you found that the printer is not detected by your device. Make sure that you have connected your printer properly with the power source. 
  10. When you will detect the printer, select it, and continue to proceed. 
  11. Choose from the given option, i.e USB or wireless
  12. To complete the installation process and to connect hp printer to wifi mac, answer all the questions. 
  13. After answering all the questions, you can proceed further
  14. Select all the install options and click on install for “How To Connect My Hp Printer To My Mac”. 
  15. Click on the “Continue” button and soon your Hp printer will be connected to Mac. 

Why won’t the hp printer not connect to mac?

It may also be possible that you have tried to connect hp printer to MacBook pro or air but if failed. In this condition, we would like to suggest you follow the steps given below. 

Check The Printer Connection Properly 

If you are facing issues related to the connectivity then follow the steps provided to you below: 

  • Check your wifi connection is working fine or not. To check the working of your router you can try to connect to any other device. In case you found anything wrong then call us on the given helpline number. 
  • Try to fix the issue by restraining your router. Many times a quick restart process is enough to fix any technical-related glitches. 
  • Check the wireless settings of the Hp printer. In case they are turned off, change the settings now. 
  • You can easily check the wireless icon light near the control panel. 
  • In the case you have connected the Mac via a cable, check the cable properly. It may be possible that you either have not connected the cable properly or it is defective.
  • If you have found that Mac is connected to the printer but the signal is too weak. In this case, place the printer near the router. 
  • Before you connect hp printer to mac, disconnect the virtual private network from the Mac
  • If all else fails to fix the issue then call us via the given Hp Printer Helpline Number

Disable The Firewall Software

A firewall is the software used to block all the threats and connections it thought are harmful to the system. So before installing the printer, make sure that the firewall will not block. 

  • Tap on the “apple menu” 
  • Select the “system preferences” 
  • Choose the option of “Security and privacy”. 
  • Under the option of “security and privacy”, select the firewall and turn it off

hp Printers Helpline

Call Us Anytime You Want!!!

In this guide, we have told you “How To Connect Hp Printer To Mac”. Although we have provided you with all the steps and methods. Still, if you are dealing with any trouble then call us now on a given helpline number. 

We are a team of experts who are willing to fix all of your issues. You just have to tell us the issue related to the Hp printer and the team will resolve it immediately.

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