Hp Printer Errors

Hp Printer Errors and Their Troubleshooting Solutions

Common Hp Printer Errors are Hp Printer Paper Jam, Low Toner, Memory Overflow, hp printer error state, warming up, supplies memory error, paper out, etc.

Hp printers are one of the best and most useful devices today. In just a few seconds, you can print anything you want.

Due to some errors, sometimes a user gets frustrated. The reason could be a bad internet connection, low ink toner, or some stuck paper inside the printer.

Today, we are going to mention common Hp printer errors along with their troubleshooting solutions.

How To Fix Hp Printer Error?

We can start Troubleshooting HP Printers with a simple reset process. This is one of the easiest steps of the process. Here are the steps to reset the printer:

  • Turn ON the Hp printer.
  • Before you continue further, the printer must be in stationary mode.
  • Once the Hp printer is turned ON, remove the power cable from the power source.
  • Now, wait for at least 60 seconds.
  • Plug the power cable back into the power source.
  • Turn ON the printer again.
  • Try to print something out of the printer and see if the Hp Printer Error State is resolved or not.

If you have tried but the reset process doesn’t work, check out the errors given below to find out the solutions for Hp Printer Errors.

Printer Error Code 02- Warming Up

If your Hp Printer Not Working and it is showing error code 01, it is associated with printer cable problems or drivers.

Try to fix the error code by restarting the printer.

Turn off the printer, and remove the power cable from the power source. Now, wait for at least 30 seconds and reinsert the power cable. Turn ON the Hp printer and see if the issue is resolved or still showing Hp Printer Error Code 02.

If the problem is still showing, there might be some issue with the hardware.

Hp Printer Error Code 10- Supplies Memory Error

If the Hp printer is showing the error code 10, there might be some problem with the printer cartridge chip. It could be related to a dislodged, scratched, or incorrectly installed printer.

To fix the error code, turn off the printer and remove the power cable from the power source for at least 30 seconds. Turn ON the printer again and see if the cartridge issue is resolved or not.

If the issue persists, reinstall the Hp printer cartridge. It is because it could be a hardware fault also.

Make sure you are using a high-quality ink cartridge for the Hp printer.

Hp Printer Error Code 11- Paper Out

If HP Printer Not Printing Everything on the Page, make sure that the paper tray is not empty. Empty then refill the tray with paper.

If the paper tray is filled with enough paper but the still Hp Printer Not Recognizing Paper In Tray, the issue might be connected to the tray or paper sensors. 

The printer must be placed on a flat surface. If the Hp Printer Errors of the paper tray stuck are still showing, make sure the sensor is clean and not damaged.

Error Code 12- Open or No OP

Make sure that toner cartridges are properly installed in the printer, the cover is not open and the PS5 sensors or cooling fan is not defective.

In order to solve Hp Printer Errors, make sure the cartridges are installed properly. In case the problem still persists, it might be related to hardware.

Error Code 13- Hp Printer Paper Jam

If HP Printer Not Printing But Connected and shows the paper jam issue then you can follow the instructions given on the screen to fix the issue. In the new models of Hp printers, you will be given proper instructions to fix them.

For old-model Hp printers, make sure there is no paper stuck in the paper tray. Sometimes, the stuck paper inside the paper tray causes the paper jam issue.

We recommend not using any thin or sharp objects or too much external force to remove the paper. This may harm your printer badly.

Error Code 16- Toner Low

This is one of the most common Hp Printer Errors. If your HP Printer Not Printing But Has ink, remove the cartridge of the printer gently, shake it well and then insert it again. This may fix the error and your printer will start printing again.

You can also try to replace the cartridge with the new one.

HP Printer Not Connecting to the Internet

If HP Printer Not Connecting to WiFi, make sure the router is ON and connected to the internet. Connect any other device with the same internet connection to check if it is really working or not.

If the issue persists with the router, contact your service provider to fix the glitch.

Apply these steps to check the printer connection:

  • Wifi Connection: Make sure the blue LED light on the router is ON and not blinking. If it is not, restart the printer and router and see if the issue gets fixed.
  • Ethernet Connection: If the light on the ethernet port is not ON, remove the cable from both ends and plug it back again. Restart the router and printer and see if it works.

Why Is My HP Printer Connected But Not Printing?

In case your Hp printer is connected to the internet and all the cables are right in their place, make sure the printer has enough paper, ink, or toner. If everything is alright but the HP Printer Not Printing, check for the paper stuck inside the paper tray. If you found any, remove them gently.

In most cases, this error occurs soon after a user replaces any part of the printer. If you have done the same, make sure you have installed everything appropriately.


You may have to face several Hp Printer Errors while using it. The error might be related to a bad internet connection, low ink toner, or paper jam. In this guide, we have mentioned the most common errors of Hp printers. If you need some more help with the Hp printer, contact us today!

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