Hp Printer Not Connected

Quickly Resolve When Hp Printer Not Connected On Windows Computer

The issue of Hp Printer Not Connected is one of those problems that lets the printer users get irritated. If you are also facing this issue then you need to follow this complete troubleshooting guide. 

We are going to explain why your printer is not printing and what you need to fix this issue. So, read this whole guide properly and apply the steps in the same given order. 

While following the guide, if you would need any kind of help then you can take the help of our experts. They are 24*7 available to help you, so call them anytime you need them. 

Why Is My Hp Printer Not Connected?

If you have found that your Hp Printer Not Printing, there could be a number of reasons behind it. Sometimes the connection gets interrupted because of a faulty USB connection while other times faulty Hp printer driver and the wrong Hp printer Setup are responsible. 

Hence, it can be said that your Hp Printer Not Connected because of the below-given reasons: 

  1. Wrong cable connection
  2. Wrong internet connection 
  3. Hp printer driver unavailable 
  4. Pending printer jobs 
  5. Wrong Hp Printer Setup 
  • 1. How Do You Fix When Hp Printer Not Printing? Hp Printer Not Connected

If you want to troubleshoot your printer issue, restart the printer, check the USB cable, check your internet, update the driver of your printer, clear all the pending printer jobs, and restart the printer spooler. 

We know that it may be a little hard for you to understand the troubleshooting steps in this way. Hence, we are going to explain all the steps one by one for your better and complete understanding. 

  • 1. Give Your Hp Printer A Quick Restart 

Before you choose to move forward to apply the troubleshooting methods, we want you to restart your printer now. To restart the Hp printer, follow the steps given below: 

  • Make sure that you have turned off the power plug. 
  • Remove all the cables that are connected to the printer 
  • Now, you need to wait for a while
  • Reconnect the cables again
  • Turn on the power plug and check if your issue got fixed or not 
  • 2. Check All The USB Cables 

The next troubleshooting step is to check whether all the cables are connected well or not. Sometimes, the issue of Hp Printer Not Connected evolves because you forget to connect the cables properly. 

So, check all the USB ports and cables and if found anything wrong then replace the cables with the new ones. If you have checked all the ports and found nothing then move to the next method. 

  • 3. Make Sure Your Internet Is Working 

Check whether the network that is connected to the printer is working or not. In case your current network connection is slow or not working you need to connect the printer to another network connection. 

  1. Update The Driver Of Your Hp Printer 

Another main reason why your Hp Printer Not Connected properly could be a faulty printer driver. It could be possible that you are using an outdated printer. Hence, you need to update the driver of the printer as soon as possible. 

How To Update Hp Printer Driver?

To update the driver of your printer, you first need to connect the computer to the internet. Go to the official website of your printer and search for all the latest updates. Search for the latest printer file and then download it to your device now. 

When the file will be downloaded to your system, open it, and then follow all the instructions. Complete the installation process to update the driver of your printer. 

In case you need any kind of help then do call us on given Hp Printer Helpline Numbers. Our team is waiting for your call, so don’t let them wait and tell them everything now.

  1. Troubleshoot Your Hp Printer Error hp-printer-not-working

Even after updating the Hp printer driver, if your Hp printer is still not connected then try the troubleshooting feature. Every window has a troubleshooting in-built feature that helps to fix all the issues. If you also want to fix Hp Printer Not Connected issue, do follow the below-given steps: 

  1. Open the control panel on your computer device
  2. Choose the option of “devices and printers” 
  3. Find your Hp printer and then right-click on it 
  4. From the menu given there, choose the option of troubleshooting 
  5. Follow the option given on your screen and complete the troubleshooting process
  1. Restart The Printer Spooler Services When Hp Printer Not Connected

After trying all the steps mentioned above, now, we have to restart the printer spooler from your windows. If you are curious to know about the printer spooler, it is used to manage all the printing tasks that have been sent to your printer. 

Let’s not think much and follow the steps to fix when your Hp Printer Not Connected and not printing. 

  1. On your windows, open the RUN program
  2. In the box given there, type “services. MSC” and click enter
  3. In the list, search for the printer spooler services 
  4. Select to choose “STOP” 
  5. Restart your printer and check if the issue got fixed or not 

hp Printers Helpline


With warm greetings, we would like to conclude this troubleshooting guide here. We have informed you how to fix it when Hp Printer Not Connected. The problem is very common with the Hp printer user, hence, you don’t have to be worried. 

You also have the choice to take help from our experts who want to listen to something from you. So, dial the toll-free numbers now.

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