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Complete Troubleshooting Guide For Hp Printer Not Connecting To WiFi

We know that your Hp Printer Not Connecting To Wifi and this is why you are looking a little tense. While using the printer you may encounter a number of issues and the Hp Printer connection issue is one of them. 

So, stop thinking and read this troubleshooting guide properly. We are going to provide you with all the troubleshooting methods. 

How Do You Fix When Hp Printer Not Connecting Properly?

It’s not always clear the real cause why your Hp Printer Not Connecting Properly. Sometimes, it’s the wifi router while other times there may be other factors. We don’t have special powers that we will fix the issue via one troubleshooting method. 

We are going to provide you a number of solutions. You have to go through all of them and troubleshoot the issue quickly. 6

Basic Methods To Fix when a printer, not printing but connected?

1. Count The Papers Inside the Device

One of the major factors that we have found why hp printer not responding to the print command is, that your printer doesn’t have enough papers inside the paper tray. This is one of the most common mistakes that we all make once in a while. So, thoroughly and if not found anything then jump to the next method.

2. Check Your Internet Connectivity 

It is very necessary to verify if your Hp printer is connected properly to the available network or not. It may be possible that your wifi has stopped working and this is why Hp Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

3. Place The Device Near The Router

Placing the Hp printer outside the connectivity range will let you face various connectivity issues. This is why we would like to suggest you put the printer near to the router. Try to print something from your Hp printer now. 

4. Review All The Cables 

To print something from the Hp printer it is very necessary to check all the cables. Any loosely connected cable could be one of the main reasons behind the issue. So, remove all the cables and then connect them again. 

Advanced Methods To Fix Hp Printer Won’t Connect to WiFi?

1. Set Hp As The Default printer

It used to happen most of the time that the printer itself installed a virtual printer. So, whenever you issue any command to the printer, it directs to the virtual printer and not the real one. This is one of the major reasons why your Hp printer not printing anything. Hence, you have to set the Hp printer as the default printer to fix the issue. 

  • Follow Click Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound.
  • Click on “devices and printers”. 
  • You will see the name of your printer. Right-click on it and set your printer as the default printer. 
  • To confirm the action, click on “yes”. 
2. Restart All The Devices

Restarting all the devices may help you to fix all the glitches related to the Hp printer. So, we would like you to suggest turning off the printer and your computer system. Remove all the cables and take out all the power plugs connected to the power outlet. 

Wait for a minute and then reconnect all the cables. Insert the plugs into the power outlet and try to print something out of your printer. 

We hope that you have troubleshot the issue with the help of the steps that have been provided above. 

3. Try Printer Troubleshooter
  • To run the troubleshooter of the printer, open the “control panel” followed by “hardware and sound” and then “devices and printers”. 
  • Click right on the icon of the printer and choose “troubleshoot”. The troubleshooter of the printer will identify the problems and then fix them. 
  • So, follow the on-screen instructions and complete the troubleshooting for Hp Printer Not Connecting To Wifi
Check The Settings Of The Router

In the case you have recently replaced your router with the new one, you need to configure all the strings again. Actually, the new router that you have, comes with a different IP address. So, you have to reconfigure it again. 

In case you don’t know how to update the settings of the router, dial our helpline number. We are having a team of technicians who are working hard to fix all of your issues. So, dial given Hp printer helpline numbers now. 

Update The Firmware Of The Router

If you have noticed that changing the router’s settings won’t work out in your favor, update the firmware. It happened several times actually that a user didn’t update the firmware of the router. This is the reason why you are facing several issues with your printer. 

Uninstall And Reinstall The Device

Uninstall and reinstall the printer to fix the issue of Hp Printer Not Connecting To Wifi. Follow the steps that have been provided below: 

  • Open the “control panel” and tap on “programs”. 
  • Uninstall all the programs after tapping on “programs and features”. 
  • Click on the name of your printer and then confirm the action. 
  • Turn on your Hp printer and then go to the official website of your printer. Download the latest software for your printer. Follow the onscreen instructions and then complete the installation. 
  • Follow these steps to proceed further Start > Settings > Update & Security and click Check for updates. 
  • When you find an updated driver, click on download and install the latest software. 
Reset Your Hp Printer

If you have tried everything and still the hp printer will not connect to wifi, reset your Hp printer. If you don’t know how to complete this reset process then dial our given helpline number now. 

hp Printers Helpline
In A Nutshell…

It can be said that the issue of Hp Printer Not Connecting To Wifi sometimes creates huge trouble. This is why we have told you all the troubleshooting steps. In case, you have read the whole guide but are still facing the issue. Dial the given helpline number and our technicians will fix the error for you. They are experienced enough to with all the issues, call them anytime you want.

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