hp Printer Not Printing Black

Some Troubleshooting Steps For Hp Printer Not Printing Black

Is your Hp Printer Not Printing Black?

We understand your situation and that is why we have come forward to help you. In this guide, we have written all the methods with the help of which you can easily troubleshoot the issue. 

While using the printers, it is normal to face similar issues. Hence, stop stressing and focus on the methods we have given below. 

We would like to suggest to you, while you face the issue like the printer is not printing black, the first thing that you should do is, find out the main cause behind the trouble. 

Yes, it is necessary to find out the main reason because only after that we can move forward in the direction to resolve the issue. 

How To Fix Hp Printer Not Printer Black?

To fix the issue, you first have to check the cartridge of the printer, then try to fix the issue by self-regulating a cleaning tool, in addition to that check the ink levels of the printer is running low. 

Hp printer is one of the best printers and we all know that, but, sometimes, due to one or other reasons it starts showing some issues and the printer is not printing black is one of them. 

Follow the methods given below and resolve the issue. 

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1 Remove Cartridge Blockage

There are possibilities that you are facing this issue due to the blockage in the printer head vent. This is because your Hp printer Is Not Printing Black. Try the steps given below and troubleshoot the issue

  • Turn On your Hp printer 
  • Open the cartridge panel of the printer 
  • Try to reset the print head 
  • Take out the color units and print head
  • Clean the print head with water properly and make it dry with a smooth cloth 
  • When you think that it is completely dry now, place it back to its position safely
  • Close the cartridge 
  • Try to print something from your printer now

Hp printer’s Tool Method

If the above method fails to troubleshoot the hp printer Not Printing in Black issue then try these given steps to resolve the issue. 

2 Check Ink Cartridge When Hp Printer Not Printing Black

  • Turn ON the Hp printer 
  • Open the printer cartridge panel but safely 
  • Remove the ink cartridge from the printer. 
  • Search for the (-) sign on the screen of the printer 
  • With the help of arrows, click on the “tool option” 
  • Now, click on OK on the tool option 
  • You will then see the option to see ink cartridge levels
  • Click OK 

3 Try Self-Regulating Cleaning Tool

  • To perform this step, you again have to use the screen of the printer
  • Again, use the (-) sign and with the help of arrows on the printer, go to the “tool option”
  • Open the Tool Option by clicking the OK button
  • With the help of the right arrow, go to the print head cleaning option 
  • The print head will take a little time to clean itself, so have some patience 
  • You will then get a test print after the cleaning process will be completed 

Extract the Faulty Ink Cartridge & Alignment Process

If you will have a faulty ink cartridge then also you will face the issue of Printer not printing black. Hence, try these steps to resolve the issue:

  • Turn ON the HP printer 
  • Open the panel of the printer 
  • Wait until the cartridge transit to the center 
  • Remove the ink cartridge out of the ink units 
  • Check the expiry date of the cartridge and if they are found to be expired, replace them with the new one
  • Close the printer panel 
  • Have a look at the screen of the printer, it will show you about paper loading, calibrating color units, printer alignment demo
  • You have to press OK for the information demo
  • Soon after you will do that, the printer will start to initiate the alignment 
  • Now, take something to print from the printer
  • Check if the issue of the Hp Printer not printing black ink hp got resolved or not

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What If All Else Failed…

Although we have provided all the information that is required to troubleshoot Hp Printer Not Printing Black. If you are still dealing with the trouble then you have to call us on Hp Printer Helpline number

We value our customers and we don’t want them to face any kind of issue because of the hp printer. That is why we are working 24*7 just to solve all of your issues. 

Call on Hp Printer Support number anytime you feel fine and our experts will be there to help you with new techniques and strategies.

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