Hp Printer Paper Jam Problem | Hp Printer Not Printing

While using the Hp printer, you may encounter several issues and one of them is the Hp Printer Paper Jam. To fix this problem, you may have to remove the papers stuck inside the printer from more than one location. 

Most of the Hp printer users used to pull out the paper forcefully and ended up damaging the printer. Yes, we have to remove the stuck papers from the printer but with proper steps and methods. 

So, you must be aware now of what we are going to discuss in this article. Hence, make a happy face as we are going to fix the Hp Printer Paper Jam issue for you. 

Easy Steps To Fix Hp Printer Paper Jam Problem

To fix the Hp Printer Paper Jam Error, we have to remove all the papers that got stuck inside the printer.  

Hence, we will tell you the steps to remove the paper from different locations of the printer. If you follow all the steps properly, your Hp printer will start printing before the end of this guide. 

  1. Find And Remove The Paper From The Loading Tray 
  2. Remove The Paper From The Rear Of The Printer
  3. Find And Remove The Paper From Under The Front Cover 
  4. Check The Printer Carriage 
  5. Reload The Printing Papers Inside The Printer 

You can stop the troubleshooting on the point when your printer starts printing. Just for your help, we are going to elaborate on everything in a little detail.

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Find And Remove The Paper From The Loading Tray

  1. From the loading tray of the printer, remove any loose paper. 
  2. Press the resume button given on the front of the Hp printer. 
  3. In case the Hp Printer Paper Jam issue gets fixed, you can skip to the “Check The Printer Carriage” step. In case still, your Hp Printer Not Printing, continue to the below-given steps. 
  4. Now, remove all the stuck papers from the printer but one at a time. 
  5. Check if there are any remaining bits of paper left inside the printer. 

Remove The Paper From The Rear Of The Printer

If you have cleared all the pieces of paper from the loading tray, check the rear of the printer. It may be possible that the Hp Printer Paper Jam Issue is caused because of papers inside in the rear of the printer. 

Note: For different models of the printer, the rear access door may be different. So, you can also take help from our experts if you are facing any HP Printer Problems

  • 1. Remove Rear Access Panel

  • First, you need to locate the knob on the back of the Hp printer. 
  • With both of your hands, remove the panel of the printer. Now, take out all the pieces of printing papers from the panel. 
  • Don’t pull the stuck piece of paper forcefully from the printer. In place of it, you just need to remove the paper with both of your hands. 
  • Replace and don’t forget to secure the panel. 
  • 2. Remove Printing Accessories From Both Sides 

  • Simultaneously, press both the “release” buttons on either end side of the module. 
  • Remove the panel from the printer and then take out the jammed papers. 
  • Clean the panel of the printer properly. 
  • Now, push the module back On and put it back into its place. 
  • Open the door by pressing the button given at the top of the module. 
  • Clear all the pieces of paper that remain inside the panel. 
  • Close the door and check if the Hp Printer Paper Jam issue gets resolved or not.

Find And Remove The Paper From Under The Front Cover 

If you have tried all the above-given methods and still your Hp Printer Not Responding, this method may be found helpful for you. 

Like we have stated above we don’t suggest you do that until you will not try to remove the papers via the above-given ways. 

From the front cover of the printer, remove all the papers inside it with a little force. If you will apply too much force, this may cause your Hp printer. 

After doing that, we really hope that your hp printer paper jam error gets resolved completely. 

Check The Printer Carriage To Fix Hp Printer Paper Jam 

  1. To do so, you first have to disconnect the power cord of the printer from the wall outlet. 
  2. Now, try to move the carriage to the right side and out of the sight. Make sure that the carriage of the printer is moving freely. . Don’t apply too much force to move it. 
  3. Remove the ink cartridge of the printer carefully. 
  4. From the loading tray, try to remove the paper without removing the drawer. 
  5. Remove the rear access door. 
  6. With the help of your fingers, try to move the rollers towards the top for three full rotations. 
  7. Now, you will have to replace the ink cartridge of the printer. 
  8. Connect the power cable to the wall outlet and press the power button On. 

Reload The Printing Papers To Fix Hp Printer Paper Jam

We hope that you have completely resolved the Hp Printer Paper Jam issue. Now, we want you to check whether the Hp printer starts printing or not. 

  1. We hope that you are having the required size of printing papers for your Hp printer. 
  2. Now, you will have to insert the papers inside the loading tray and slide it properly into its place. 
  3. Check whether all of your Hp Printer Problems are resolved or not. To do so, print something out of your printer. 
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Still Hp Printer Not Printing?

We have discussed each and everything that is needed to fix the Hp Printer Paper Jam issue. In case, if you are still facing the same issue then you need to take help from our experts. Our technicians are having more than 15 years of experience in this regard. Hence, they can troubleshoot any kind of issue related to the printer. 

You can ask them anything related to the printer anytime. They are 24*7 ready to serve their users.

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