How To Fix Hp Printer Paper Tray Stuck Error?

No matter if it is a Hp printer or if you are using any other printer device, paper jam issues are prevalent and Hp Printer Paper Tray Stuck is one of them.

Here is the general troubleshooting guide to resolve the paper stuck error.

Depending on the design and model of your printer, you can apply this troubleshooting to printers of similar designs.

Troubleshooting Steps For Hp Printer Paper Tray Stuck Error

Before we move forward in the direction of troubleshooting, there are a few points that need to be taken care of:

  1. Don’t forcefully take out the paper stuck in the tray. It may damage the printer. Instead, try to pull it from the back of the tray.
  2. Read all the points carefully to avoid damage to your printer.

Find and Remove the Paper Stuck in the Loading Tray

  1. You can try to remove any loose paper from the tray but don’t apply extreme force.
  2. Press the “Resume” button given at the top of the front of the printer.
  3. Start removing the sheets from the middle, one by one.
  4. Make sure there is no remaining piece of paper in the truck.

Clear the Hp Printer Paper Jam From its Back

If you are unable to resolve the Hp Printer paper Tray Stuck error from the above-given steps, try this method.

At the back of the printer, you will have a rear access panel or a two-sided printing accessory.

Note: For different Hp printer models, the rear door will be different. For more details, you can check the manufacturer’s website.

Remove Rear Access Panel

  1. You will find a knob at the back of your printer device. Move it to the unlocked position.
  2. Remove the panel and take out the jammed paper.
  3. Don’t forget to remove the small pieces of paper from the printer, if you find any.
  4. Now, replace and make the rear panel secure.

Remove the Two-Sided Printing Accessory To Clear the Paper Jam

  1. You need to press both the RELEASE buttons at the same time given at the end of the module and remove it.
  2. With proper care, remove the panel and pull out the jammed paper.
  3. Don’t forget to remove the small pieces of paper from the printer, if you find any.
  4. Once done, push the module back on and snap it into place.

If still, the Printer Hp Paper Jam is creating trouble, try it out:

  1. Now, press the button given at the top of the module to open the door.
  2. With proper care, remove the panel and pull out the jammed paper.
  3. Don’t forget to remove the small pieces of paper from the printer, if you find any.
  4. After doing that, close the rear module door now.

Pulling the Paper Out From Under the Front Cover

If you have applied the above-given steps but still Hp Printer Paper Tray Won’t Go In then try to remove the jammed paper by pulling it out under the front cover carefully.

We would like to mention again that it is the last troubleshooting solution to be followed. It may harm your printer so try it with proper care.

Make Sure the Printer carriage Can Move Freely

  1. Remove the power cord of the printer by unplugging the power cord from the power outlet.
  2. Now, check if the carriage of the printer moves fully to the right side and out of sight. If it is stuck, please don’t force the carriage to move. This may damage your printer.
  3. Now, you can remove the ink cartridge(s) carefully.
  4. Remove any paper in the loading tray without removing the drawer.
  5. Take out the two-sided printing accessory (module) or rear access door.
  6. Using your fingers, rotate the rollers to the top of the printer for three complete rotations.
  7. Now, replace the two-sided printing accessory (module) or rear access door.
  8. You can replace the ink cartridges now.
  9. Plug the printer into the power source and turn it ON.

Reloading and Testing Hp Printer

If you have resolved the Hp Printer Paper Tray Stuck error and taken out all the remaining pieces of paper then test your printer now.

  1. Now, put sufficient inkjet paper into the loading tray and slide it into its place.
  2. Give some commands to your printer and print something to test it. You can easily self-test the printer by pressing and holding the Resume button until the printer starts not printing.

Is Still Hp Printer Paper Jam Won’t Clear?

If your Hp Printer Keeps Saying Out Of Paper then possibly there is something wrong with the printer hardware.

It could be a malfunctioning roller or parts in the paper feed mechanism that make the printer think that it has a paper jam.

So, it is better to replace the printer with the new one as repairing it may cost you more.

How To Prevent Hp Printer Paper Jam?

You can try the below-given steps to prevent the paper jam inside the Hp Printer:

  1. Overfilling the paper tray could be one of the main reasons behind Hp Printer Paper Tray Stuck error. So, don’t fill the tray with too many papers.
  2. Your printer may have sliding mechanisms that allow numerous types and sizes of paper to be fed into the printer. The incorrect position of the slider can cause a paper jam.
  3. You should only use the papers that are recommended for the Hp Printer. Using the wrong size of printing papers may cause a paper jam error in the printer.
  4. Do not mix the paper sizes.
  5. Make sure that Hp printer paper is correctly positioned into the tray.

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In Summary

In this article, we have discussed all those reasons that might be responsible for Hp Printer Paper Tray Stuck error. If you need any troubleshooting help then we are here to help you.

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