HP Printer Problems

A Brief About Common HP Printer Problems

You can search the whole market but one thing is for sure that there is no printer like HP printers. With the services and the quality printing it provides, no other printer can do better than that. For years HP Printers are serving us and because of their top-quality services, we all trust HP Printers a lot. The thing is, even after so much perfectness, sometimes you may face some HP Printer Problems.

In this article, we are going to discuss and resolve a number of Hp Printer issues that are making you irritated. You just have to follow the steps that have been given below. 

Common HP Printer Problems

1. HP Printer Paper Jam Issue

This is one of the major issues that may irritate you or hinders the path of your work. There could be a number of reasons behind this issue like the following: 

  • Maybe you have used the paper of the wrong size. 
  • Used low-quality of printing paper. 
  • The printer is dirty. 
  • The rollers on the printer are worn down. 
  • Any piece of paper may get stuck inside the printer. 

How To Fix

To resolve this issue, first, you have to clean your printer and place it on the place which is properly clean. Then make sure that you are using all the paper of good quality and of the right size. Apart from this, HP Printer Problem With Printhead is maybe the other reason behind Printer Not Responding to HP. Hence, open the printhead of the printer and check if there is any piece of paper that got stuck inside it. If yes, then remove the paper with a soft hand. 

Check if the printer is starting to work again or not. In case you are still facing the issue then it would be better to call our technicians.

hp Printers Helpline

2. HP Printer Faded Print

Are you facing the issue of HP Printer Faded Print? If yes, then there could be the following reasons behind the same. 

  • Maybe the printer is going low on toner. 
  • Check the printer density if running slow. 
  • Check the setting of the printer
  • Turn the Economode Off and set the density of the printer to higher
  • Check the cartridge of the printer. 

How To Fix

To resolve this issue, first, you have to check the cartridge of the printer. Take it out and shake it properly in case you are unable to replace it. In addition to that, check the ink tank of the printer, it may happen that the tank is empty. If that is the case then fill the tank and restart the printer. 

3. Ghosting

Ghosting is one of the most common HP Printer Problems and because of this you will get a print properly apart from this a lighter copy will also print elsewhere. 

How To Fix

To fix this issue, first, check if you have properly inserted the power source or not. This is because it happens because of the power outlet. You can also check the power outlet by plugging that into another printer. 

Apart from that, you can also check the consumable printer parts if working properly or not. 

4. HP Printer Error 50.4 Message

If you are facing the Hp Printer error 50.4 then it directly means that there is something wrong with the power supply. Make sure you have plugged the printer directly into the power outlet or into the UPS. 

How To Fix

To fix this issue what you have to do is, first check if the power board is working properly or not. Apart from that, take out the plug from the UPS and put it directly into the power outlet. In case, you are still facing the issue then it would be better if you call us directly. 

5. Hp Printer Driver Is Unavailable

Apart from all the issues, this problem of HP Printer Driver Unavailable is one of those that really stuck in the mind of the user. When a new OS is released, you need to load new drivers for the printers. Let us tell you that you will not find a driver for all printers. 

Hence, for the same, we would like to suggest you call our experts who will solve all the HP Printer Problems in just seconds.

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6. HP Printer Not Printing From Expected Tray

In this kind of issue, what usually happens is, that the printer stops printing the papers from the tray that is assigned to it. Although you can also solve this issue with your hands, in case you fail to do so then don’t worry as we are here for you all the time. 

How To Fix

To fix this issue, you can do two things, first, you have to check the printer and the other, you have to check the printing PC. Check if the application is set to print from the wrong tray. Apart from that make sure that you are using quality papers and of the right size. 

7. Rather Than One Sheet, Printer Is Picking All The Sheets

If that is also happening to you that paper is picking all the sheets rather than one then there is some issue with the pad which may be worn out. Apart from that, it can also be probable that papers are wet because of the humidity. Hence. Make sure from the very next time that to store the printing papers properly after fanning them properly. 

How To Fix

Hence, to solve this issue what you need is, to replace the pad with the new one in place of sending the HP printer to the repair shop. 

8. HP Printer Error 79 

If you are facing this HP Printer Problem of 79 error then there is an issue with the network print server which used to service the printer. In addition to that, this error also shows the failure of a printer add-on component, such as a RAM Module or MIO card. 

How To Fix

To fix the issue what you have to do is, from the start menu, open the folder of the printer and be sure that there should be no pending jobs. Remove all the add-ones and then add them individually. 

9. HP Printer Not Printing In Black

If your HP printer is not printing Black then there are the possibilities that the ink tank is empty inside the printer. Hence, you have to take the empty tank out and fill it with the ink so that you will get a good quality of HP Printing. 

10. HP Printer Not Printing In Color

If your printer is not printing in color then there may be one or other issues. At first, open the settings and see if you have selected to print in “greyscale”. If that is the case then the page will be printed in black and white. If that is not the case then you have to change the cartridge of the printer. 

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Last Words…

We hope that after following all the methods that have been given above you may get rid of Common HP Printer Problems. We have tried our best to provide you with the best methods. If you are still facing the issue then we would like to suggest you call our experts now. 

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