Hp Printer Wireless Connection

How Do You Fix When Hp Printer Wireless Connection Not Working?

We know that you are struggling to fix the Hp Printer Wireless Connection issue for a very long time. Apart from the other Hp Printer Problems, you would need smart methods to fix this trouble. 

We have solved several of these cases earlier. Hence, this article will really help you to fix the Hp Printer Connection issue. If you want to get immediate help then do call our experts who are waiting to hear from your side. 

It’s time to forget the confusion and troubleshoot why Hp Printer Wireless Connection Not Working

Why Hp Printer Wireless Connection Not Working?

Not just one or two but there could be a number of reasons why your Hp Printer Not Printing. We believed that most of the time all of these technical issues evolve because we keep our printer out of view. We start neglecting tiny issues that become huge one day.  

To fix the issue first we have to know what are the main reasons that our Hp printer is not printing. Here are some of the causes:

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  1. People used to place the Hp printer according to their convenience. This is why the printer sometimes got placed outside the connectivity range. Hence, this is very easy to say that until you will not connect your wireless printer to the internet it will not print anything. 
  2. The physical interferences like walls, floor, and doors, could be one of the main reasons why your Hp Printer Wireless Connection is not working. Hence, you have to be careful where you have placed your Hp printer. 
  3. After you will check everything, you need to check whether your router has stopped working. Hence, connect any other device with the same network. If you find anything wrong then contact your network service providers. 
  4. It could also be possible that someone has changed the password of the router. Hence, your printer is trying to connect again and again but fails every other time. So, complete the Setup Hp Printer again and update the password of the wifi. 

If you want then you can also take help from our Hp Printer technicians. They can troubleshoot any kind of issue in a short possible time. 

How To Fix When Hp Printer Not Responding?

We have suggested below a number of Hp Printer Wireless Connection troubleshooting methods. You have to follow them one by one. If you need any help then do call our experts who are always ready to serve you. 

  • Connect Your Hp Printer With A Cable 

To check whether your wifi is working or not, you have to connect your printer to the internet via USB cable. After connecting the printer to the USB cable, if it will start working it means that you have to move your printer close to the router. 

  • Change The Spot Of Your Hp Printer 

You have to change the spot of your Hp printer and move it somewhere near to the router. One of the major reasons Why Hp Printer Is Offline could be the distance between the router and Hp printer. 

  • Remove The Possible Interference 

Sometimes, interference like a refrigerator, large fish tanks, walls, or even the microwave interrupts the wifi network. Hence, you need to remove all of these devices from the path of the printer and router. 

  • Check The Queue Of Printer 

You need to check the queue of your Hp printer. Sometimes, a print job got stuck inside the printer queue and stopped other commands to fulfilled. Hence, check your printer queue and if found anything wrong then do call our technicians. 

  • Restart Your Hp Printer

You must be aware of the fact that the first step that almost all of us try to fix any technical glitch is to restart the process. Hence, follow the steps given below to complete the process: 

  • Turn off the Hp printer 
  • Remove all the cables that are connected to the printer 
  • Let your Hp printer turned off for a short period of time
  • Reconnect all the cables again and turn on your printer 
  • Now, check if your issues get resolved or not
  • Update The Firmware Of Hp Printer

Most of the time the issues like Hp printer not printing, Hp printer offline, Hp printer wireless connection could be easily fixed by updating the firmware of your printer. Hence, we would like to give you a suggestion to update the firmware of your printer now. 

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  • Use Your Wifi Extenders 

If you can’t move your printer near to the router then you can use wifi extenders. With the help of extenders, the low network connectivity issue will get fixed immediately and you will be able to use your Hp printer. 

  • Reset Your Hp Printer

If all else fails to troubleshoot the issue then you must reset your Hp printer. Resetting the printer will troubleshoot all of your Hp Printer Problems

To reset the printer, you need to power down your printer and let it off for at least 30 seconds. Turn on the printer again and press the resume button for 10 to 20 seconds. Or else, you can take your help from our experts. 


We would like to conclude this article on the point that Hp printers sometimes not responding because of many reasons. Sometimes, it’s the machine’s fault while other times we ourselves are responsible for why Hp Printer Wireless Connection Not Working.

Although, we have provided you all the necessary steps that will help you to fix the issue. In case your printer is still not working then do call our experts now. They are always ready to help you. You can call them anytime you want. They will be happier to help you. 

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