Hp Tango Printer Setup

Some Easy and Quick Steps For Hp Tango Printer Setup

Congratulations as you have finally bought all the new Hp Tango Printers. Let us tell you that the Hp Tango printer is the first of its kind with a cloud-based and 2-way network connection that will help you to scan, print, or copy any device from anywhere you want. If you want to benefit from these features then you first have to complete the Hp Tango Printer Setup first.

If you are tired of searching for steps to complete the hp tango setup, follow the steps that have been given in this guide. 

You don’t need to take stress even if you are doing this for the first time. All the steps given below are easy and very quick. Let’s start at… 

How To Do Hp Tango Printer Setup?

Follow the steps given below to setup HP tango printer


1. Unbox Hp Tango Printer

This is one of the easiest and most exciting steps in the whole process. With a large smile, gently unpack your Hp Tango printer with both of your hands. 

  • Take out the power cord from the box 
  • Remove all the packing material from outside as well as inside of the printer 
  • Now, you need to set the printer on the output wrap or tray. Carefully align all the corners with indentations

2. Connect The Printer To The Power Source

After removing all the packaging material from the printer, connect it to the power source. To do so, take out the power plug and connect one end with the outlet while the other with the printer. 

You have to check again if the power source is working effectively or not

3. Load Papers and Install The Ink Cartridges 

You should check that the papers should be of A4 size U.S plain size paper sheet. We would like to suggest you install the ink cartridges that came along with the printer. 

  • You need to slide the paper width guide to the edges of the Hp Printer of the input wrap. 
  • Now, you have to insert the recommended papers into the tray
  • Slide down the width of the paper until they will not touch the edges
  • Press the button of the ink door in order to release the ink cartridge’s access door. Now, lift the door till it will stay in place
  • Wait until you will not see the cartridges are idle. Soon it will be silent so, wait until it won’t be
  • From the package, remove the ink cartridges. We would like to suggest you touch the only black plastic on the cartridges’
  • Remove the tape of the plastic from the ink cartridges. Don’t forget to recycle or discard the tape and package
  • Into the slot, insert the ink cartridges with the nozzles towards the printer side
  • Now, you need to squeeze the cartridges until they will not snap into their place 
  • Soon, you will enter the ink cartridges, the printer will print an alignment page
  • Wait until the alignment page will not fully eject from the printer 

4. Connect Hp Tango Printer To Network

This is the last step for Hp Tango Printer Setup. You have to connect the Hp printer to the network. To do so, download the Hp smart app to complete the hp tango x printer setup

Let us tell you that Hp smart app is a free printer app via which you can easily complete HP Wireless Printer Setup

This app is available for Android, Apple iOS, Windows 10, and macOS. In case you are using a computer with Windows 8.1, you can use the WPS method to connect to your printer. 

5. Enroll in HP Instant Ink

Let us tell you that you have completed the Hp Tango Printer Setup successfully. Now, you are eligible for Hp instant Ink. hence, you can save your time as well as money. As soon as you will enroll, the printer will automatically monitor the printer ink level. After this, when the ink level will be low, HP Instant Ink mails replacement ink cartridges. 

hp Printers Helpline
Some Last Lines…

In a nutshell, we have told you all the easy methods to setup hp printer. We really hope that you have followed all the steps and completed the Hp Tango Printer Setup

Don’t forget to comment on us about your experience. We know that some of you have done this for the first time. We are sure that you are feeling good after completing the setup successfully.

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