Hp Printer Not Printing Double Sided

Have You Tried These Ways To Fix Hp Printer Not Printing Double Sided?

Is your Hp Printer Not Printing Double Sided? If that is the case then you really need to worry about it. Printing with both sides of the printer could save many printing papers. Also, we all should not waste paper and one of the best ways to save paper is by printing them on both sides. 

In this guide, we are going to discuss how to fix when HP Printer Not Printing both sides. To fix more of these issues you can dial Hp Printer Helpline Number anytime you want. Our team would love to help you anytime.

How To Fix When Hp Printer Not Printing Double Sided?

When you have found that your Hp Printer Not Printing Correctly, you should try the steps that have been given below. 

  • 1. Check if your printer has enough printing papers inside the paper tray. Most of the time a user forgets to insert the papers and ends up facing all of these kinds of issues. 
  • 2. Soon after you will find that your printer has enough papers to print, check the document that you wish you want to print. 
  • 3. Click on the File first and then print something from your printer.
  • 4. From the drop-down menu that would appear, choose your printer. 
  • 5. Click on printer properties followed by preferences or printer setup. 
  • 6. Now you need to choose if you want the pages to read as tablets or booklets. This will help to determine the orientation of the pages of the printer. 
  • 7. Now, you need to choose from the given methods so as to open and select duplex printing settings. 
  • If you have found the tab of layout, finishing, or feature then choose the option of page flip under “print on both sides manually”. 
  • If you have found a printing shortcut tab then choose the option of “two-sided printing shortcut”. After doing this, choose the option of page flip from “Print on both sides manually”. 
  • In the case of a basic tab, you need to click on it and then choose the page flip option below double-sided printing. 


Try To Print Something From Your Printer 

  • 8. Click on OK and tap on Print. 
  • 9. If you have found that your printer prints the page on both sides automatically without turning to the other sides. This means that you have done a great job and the issue of Hp printer Not printing Double-Sided is resolved. 
  • 10. In case, you get to know that HP Printer Won’t Print and doesn’t pull the pages back in, reload the pages to the other side. 
  • 11. Remove all the papers from the output tray and then put them again inside the paper tray. 
  • 12. This is how you can fix the issue of your printer and get to know WhyHp Printer Not Printing

How Do You Fix Hp Printhead Problem?

You can easily fix the issue of the HP Printer Problem with Printhead by cleaning the printer, restarting the printer, and replacing the printhead. 

Let’s know these troubleshooting methods in a little detail. 

  • 1. Clean The Printhead Of The Printer

  • Turn off the printer. 
  • Remove the power plug of the printer from the power outlet. 
  • Open the access door of the cartridge. 
  • Remove all the ink cartridges from the printer and then put it somewhere with the ink opening up. We would like to suggest that don’t let your cartridges outside the printer, not more than 30 minutes. This will not only harm your cartridges but also your printer too. 
  • Lift the latch handle on the cartridge till it will not stop. 
  • After doing this, remove the printhead of the printer carefully. 
  • Clean the printhead of the printer. 
  • While cleaning the printhead of the printer, don’t touch anything with your fingers. It may harm the printer. 
  • 2. Restart The Hp Printer
  • If the Hp Printhead Problem still persists and your Hp Printer Not Printing Anything then restart your Hp printer. 
  • First, turn on the printer and wait for a while until all the processing sound will be silent. 
  • Remove all the power plugs from the printer and remove the power cord from the power outlet. 
  • Connect the power cord again and then turn on the printer again. 
  • Try to print something out of your printer now. 
  • 3. Replace The Printhead Of The Printer
  • If you have tried each and everything and still your printer is not working then replace the printhead of the printer with the new one. It may be possible that your printhead has stopped working and it can’t be fixed. 

hp Printers Helpline

In A Nutshell…

In this troubleshooting guide, we have told all the methods to fix the issue of Hp Printer Not Printing Double-Sided. Apart from this issue, you may face other kinds of problems while using a Hp printer that includes HP Printer Not Printing in Black, HP Printer Not Printing in Colour, HP Printer Problem with Printhead, Hp Printer Not Printing Wirelessly, etc.

All of these kinds of issues could be easily resolved if you would call us on a given Helpline number. We have a team of dedicated technicians who are working hard to resolve all hp printer-related issues. You just have to call them on the given helpline numbers.

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