Hp Printer Not Working

Reasons And Troubleshooting Methods Why Hp Printer Not Working

We know that you are very curious to find the reason Why Hp Printer Not Working. When you have found that your printer is not printing properly, there could be a number of reasons. From the faulty printer driver to the connectivity issue, anything could be responsible for why your printer is not printing. 

In this guide, we are going to discuss all the methods that are necessary to fix the Hp Printer Problems. In case, you are looking for expert help then do call on Hp Printer Helpline Numbers now. 

They have been working with us for years and they can easily fix any kind of Hp printer issue quickly. So, the choice is yours, either follow the guide or do call our experts team.

5 Easy Methods To Fix Why Hp Printer Not Working 

When you have found that your Hp Printer Not Working on Windows 10, do follow the methods given below. 

  1. Try Basic Troubleshooting Steps 
  2. Update The Hp Printer Driver 
  3. Set Hp Printer As Default 
  4. Cancel All The Hp Printer Jobs
  5. Check the Status Of The Printer 
  • 1. Try Basic Troubleshooting Steps 

When you have come to know that your Hp Printer Stops Printing, you can try basic troubleshooting steps. Most of the time, the issue got easily troubleshot just by performing basic troubleshooting methods. So, follow the steps given below to perform basic steps: 

  • Make sure that you have properly connected the printer to the computer device. 
  • You need to check all the cables are properly inserted or not. In case you will find that the cables are being damaged then you need to replace them with new ones. 
  • In case all the cables are properly connected to the printer, give your printer a quick restart. First, remove the power plug and then disconnect all the cables. Wait for a while and then reconnect the cables again. Turn on the printer and try to print something out of it. 
  • 2. Update The Hp Printer Driver 

We have resolved many cases in which the Hp Printer Won’t Print issue occurs because of an outdated driver. Hence, you have to update the driver of your printer now. 

One easy option to download the driver of your printer is Driver Easy. Once you install the driver easily into your computer system, it will automatically search for all correct drivers for your printer. 

With the help of Driver Easy, you don’t need to search for the drivers, the software will do everything for you. 

You can also call our team of experts to update the Hp printer driver. They can also tell you why Hp Printer Not Working and what you should do to fix this issue.

hp Printers Helpline

  • 3. Set Hp Printer As Default 

Are you sure that you have set your printer as the default? Let us tell you that when you assign any task to the printer, it goes directly to the “default printer”. Hence, until and unless you will not set your printer as the default one, you will get nothing in return. 

You can follow the below-given steps to set your printer as default: 

  • Open the Run window on your computer device and type “control panel”. 
  • When the control panel section will be opened, select “devices and printer”. 
  • Go to the printers section and then choose your printer to select it as the default one. 
  • Once your printer will set as the default one, you will see a green checkmark below your printer. 
  • 4. Cancel All The Print Jobs Of Printer 

Another possible reason why Hp Printer Not Working could be a stuck printer queue. If your printer will contain failed print jobs, your device will stop functionally. Hence, you have to clear all the print jobs to get your printer back in working mode.

To cancel all the print jobs, follow the below-given steps: 

  • From the control panel of the printer, open “Devices and Printers”. 
  • In the printers section, click right on it and choose “see what’s printing”. 
  • Open the “printer” menu and choose “open as administrator”.
  • Open the menu of the printer again and select “cancel all documents”. 
  • Don’t forget to confirm the action. 
  • Congratulations! You have successfully canceled all the printer jobs. 
  • Try to print something from your printer now. 
  • 5. Check The Status Of The Printer

Have you tried all the methods and still confused why Hp Printer Not Working anymore? If your answer is right then you have to check a number of things inside your printer. 

  • Make sure that your printer has enough printing papers. 
  • Check the ink tone inside the printer. 
  • Open the printhead of the printer and remove the piece of paper if found. 
  • Replace the print cartridge of the printer if found damaged. 
  • If you have replaced the original parts of the printer with the fake ones, you have to reinstall the original parts again. 

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In this troubleshooting guide, we have told you everything that is required to fix why Hp Printer Not Working. In case you have tried all the steps and still, the printer is not printing then do call our technicians. 

Our team of experts is 24*7 available for their users. You can call them anytime you want. With the help of their new techniques, they can fix any printer issue quickly.

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