Why Hp Printer Is Offline

Quick Reasons Why Hp Printer Is Offline And troubleshooting Steps

We know that you are worried because you don’t know the reason Why Hp Printer is Offline. It can’t be said clearly why this issue actually evolves. But, in this troubleshooting guide, we have tried to find the reason and the troubleshooting steps. 

So, don’t think about anything and follow this troubleshooting guide. We first have arranged the reason why hp printer not responding to the print command and the troubleshooting methods too. 

For any additional help dial given Hp printer helpline numbers for a quick resolution. 

Reasons Why Hp Printer Is Offline

Every problem evolves because of some reasons and the same applies here. The reason HP Printer Says Offline could be one of the following reasons: 

  1. Hp Printer is not set as the default printer. 
  2. Wrong printer configuration. 
  3. Loosely connected cables. 
  4. Bad internet connection. 
  5. The printer is placed too far from the router. 

These are some of the basic reasons because of which your Hp Printer Not Responding and not printing anything. We will try to fix this issue with the help of the methods provided below. In case, you are looking for instant help then do call our experts. 

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Quick Fixing Methods For Hp Printer Offline Trouble

Above, we have told you why Hp is Printer Offline and now we will let you know how to troubleshoot the issue. 

We will move from the basic troubleshooting steps to the most advanced ones. You just have to be a little smart. Are you ready??? 

  • 1. Check All The Cable Connection

When you have found that your Hp Printer Offline, check all the cables connected to the printer. It happens most of the time that printers stop responding because of a loose cable connection. 

In addition to that, make sure that all the connected cables are working properly. It is because a damaged cable will let you face similar issues. 

  • 2. Fix The Issue Via Printer Offline Setting 

Another method to fix the trouble is through the printer offline setting. To complete this troubleshooting method, follow the below-given method. 

  • Open the setting windows first, so press the “windows+I” key on your keyboard. 
  • Select a printer device by opening the tab of “printers and scanners”. 
  • Choose your printer device from the list provided there and then choose “Open queue”. 
  • Open the new window and uncheck the box of “Use printer offline” and make it online again. 
  • Try to print something from your printer and check if the issue why Hp Printer Is Offline fixed or not. 
  • 3. Set Your Hp printer As Default Printer 

If you have found that still, your HP Printer Won’t Print then set your printer as the default printer. Most of the time happens that the command that you issue goes to the virtual printer instead of your Hp printer. This is the reason why Hp Printer Not Printing

So, set your Hp printer as the default printer and see if the issue still persists or not. For any additional help, you can dial Hp printer Helpline Number. Our technicians are waiting to hear something from you. 

  • Open the settings of “printers and scanners”. 
  • Click the printer device and choose the option of “open queue”. 
  • Click on printer and then set your Hp printer as the default printer. 
  • 4. Fix The Issue Via Services Method

In case your Hp printer uses a WSD port then you can use this method to fix the trouble. If not, then you can jump to the next troubleshooting method. 

  • First, you need to open the settings of “printers and scanners”. 
  • Select the option of “open queue” from the printer device. 
  • Click on Printer to expand the list of options. Choose the option of properties now. 
  • From the “properties” tab, see if your printer uses a WSD port or not. 

If you have got to know that your printer is using a WSD port then do follow these below-given methods to fix why Hp Printer Is Offline

  • From the “start menu” search for the services and then open the best-suited result. 
  • Now you need to locate the Function Discovery Provider Host and Function Discovery Resource Publication
  • Now, check the startup and status columns. 
  • If you will find that your status is not in the running mode then click right and choose to start. 
  • Make sure that you have chosen the startup type to automatic. 

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If you have found that your issue is still there and your Hp Printer Is still Offline, then jump to the next troubleshooting method. 

  • 5. Create A Manual IP Connection

  • Open the network setup menu from the option of network setting and then print a “network configuration page”.
  • Under the network connection type, check if your status is connected or not. 
  • If you have found that the status of your printer is not connected then you have to connect your printer to the network first. 

We understand that some of you may not understand how to create a manual IP connection. This is why we have given our Hp Printer Helpline Number. Call our technicians anytime you want. 

  • 6. Reset Your Device To Factory Reset 

If you have tried all the methods provided above and still your Hp Printer is in offline mode then reset your printer to the factory defaults. This will reset all the settings to the defaults and your issues will be resolved. 

More Ways To Fix The Issue

Apart from the Hp Printer settings, it could also be possible that there is something not good with your wifi router. This is why we want you to follow the methods given below to fix the issue. 

  • 1. Confirm Your Internet Is Working Perfectly 

It may be possible that we are trying to find out the issue in the printer but who knows that the main villain is the router. This is why we would like you to check your internet if working properly or not. 

So, check the working of the router by connecting it with any other device. If you will find anything wrong then contact your internet service providers. 

  • 2. Move Your Printer Closer To The Router

If you have found that your router is working perfectly and still hp printer not grabbing paper because of connectivity issues then move your printer a little closer to the router. 

It may be possible that you have placed the printer too far from the router. This is the reason why Hp Printer Is Offline.

  • 3. Restart Your Wifi Router

Restarting any device is the best way to troubleshoot the issue. So, turn off the router and then detach all the cables. Wait for a minute and then reconnect the cables again. Try to print something from your printer now. 

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Two More Words…

In this troubleshooting guide, we have told you why Hp Printer Is Offline and how you can fix the issue. We hope that you have tried the methods in the same order and completely troubleshot the issue. 

Our experts are 24*7 available just for you. So, you can ask us anything related to the Hp printer anytime.

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